Quay St by Queens Wharf, Auckland - August 08, 2022

Photo taken (Eye Level) at 6:53am with a Sony A7iii + Sony 35mm 1.4 @ F3.5 - 1/125" - ISO 1600
I took this photo near the end of my daily walk. I knew I didn't have much time because the sky was getting brighter with sunrise quickly approaching. It's also around this time the street lamps are turned off. The light rays from the street lamps, cars, etc were beginning to fade as well. I had maybe another 15-30 mins so I had to make the most of it. No Joke - Run Forest Run - as I took this photo waiting for someone or something to come into the frame (thank you cyclist and traffic).
I could've approached the composition in several ways but felt a vertical crop was the way to go as it showed the misty tops of the buildings in the distance. The ambient light was just bright enough so you could see a separation between them and the sky. It's a somewhat haunting look with the cooler building against the warmer tones of the street lamps.
The edit was done in Camera Raw, and then opened in Photoshop to run an action which resizes the image/canvas and adds the blurry side borders (duplicated layer with gaussian blur). I did this to retain the original photo's crop for Instagram (4:5).
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