THE LIGHTHOUSE on Queens Wharf, Auckland - August 08, 2022

Photo taken (Eye Level) at 7:03am with a Sony A7iii + Sony 35mm 1.4 @ F3.5 - 1/125" - ISO 800
THE LIGHTHOUSE is one of several tourist attractions in Auckland which I've taken dozens of photos from lots of angles and times of day, but never with this much fog. Normally you'd see the sea, maybe a few cargo ships, and North Shore in the distance but not this day.
Unfortunately there wasn't enough water on the ground for a better reflection and an earlier attempt to use my mobile didn't work as intended - it just looked like I was holding up a mobile - so much fail. Anyway, remember to bring a triangular prism for times like these.
Today's edit was done in Camera Raw (CR) using a custom preset for the tones and colours. I removed a parking line near the bottom-right using the Spot Removal tool in CR as I found it a little distracting but otherwise that's it. The final crop was applied using the Photoshop action I mentioned in another post.
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